Aval Milk: high protein Milk shake with Flattened Rice

Easy High Protein Drink with Poha (Flattened Rice): Healthy Recipe for Kids

We all have heard about Different varieties of milk shake, but not many know about the healthy and incredibly tasty milkshake made with Flattened Rice or Aval. Flattened rice, which is the main ingredient of Poha, a healthy breakfast wonder, is commonly used to prepare a sweet delicacy in South India.

Flattened Rice Isrice that is flattened and dried and absorbs liquid almost instantly. It is not just gluten and hassle free, but is also considered a comfort food in many parts of the country, for upset stomach and indigestion. It is also rich in Iron, vitamins, carbs and proteins. Parents ca n easily make this milkshake for their kids and keep them full for hours.


  1. Cup Poha ( soaked and cleaned in water)
  2. 1-2 Banana/ Plantains
  3. 200ml Milk ( We use Coconut Milk for the rich taste)
  4. Honey / sugar ( Optional)
  5. Nuts/ tottifrooti
  6. Drinking chocolate /Cocoa/ coffee powder.


  1. Mash or Puree in the bananas with sugar and add them into a serving glass.
  2. Next add around 3-4 spoons of poha into the glass.
  3. Add the nuts/ tootifrooti into the glasses
  4. Pour Milk on top and let rest for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Top it off with chocolate or coffee powder.


  1. You can substitute Coconut Milk with normal Amil Milk.
    1. The authentic version uses plaintains, but in North india Bananas are great to go too.
    1. You can add any nuts- like peanuts, almonds, raisins of your choice.

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