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Following Passion: *No conditions apply*

“Follow your passion”, they say. “But “after” you are settled.

It has probably taken 27 years, a whole lot of achievements, failures and a pandemic to get to this conclusion that even “passion” has a fixed definition, a timeframe and due procedure for validation. OR maybe, it is humanity in general, that has propagated the idea in our minds that passion is a corollary to success and vice versa.

When I was a kid, I was not much of an artist or a dancer. Or probably I was, but I couldn’t draw hands and feet. I was no Madhuri Dixit either ( I mean tried, but didn’t happen). But just because of the gruesome inability to draw hands and feet, I spent 16 years of my life believing I was a ‘bad ‘artist. and Quit it. Quite like my favourite character, Rachel from friends who was labelled a ‘bad waitress’.

Fastrack to 2020 and a billion thoughts after, People like me are still stuck over-contemplating and over-analyzing all ideas, choices and everything they are passionate about. All for the fair of being bad or average. A few contextual differences and some society gifted lack of self-worth later….

Maybe I shouldn’t wear a bindi, or a saree or get clicked.”
“Maybe people would think I’m too much, or too little”.
‘Maybe I’m just another face in the crowd, but maybe I’m awkward”.
“Maybe I’m posting too much, Maybe I’m posting too little”.
“Maybe I’m not good enough because there aren’t a lot of likes”.
‘Maybe I should stick to the status quo, Maybe I should think out-of-the-box.
Am I Fat?
Maybe this, Maybe that. Maybe all that.

Maybe I’m just average, so lets just *backspace and edit & Delete* .

After 5 months of sitting at home and getting enough time to contemplate on the meaning of life, relive the old passions and experience the transciency of the material pursuit of life, I am convinced that ‘bad’ or ‘average’ is a concept developed by discontented individuals who were too afraid to think out of the box. They needed a label, and we just became an easy recipient of it.

The thing is, I wasn’t bad at art. I just wasn’t the socially acceptable kind of good, the scientific-kind- of good, the standard-definition-of an artist kinda good. I was Average, and that’s what I felt was Not Good!. I was not taught how to follow a passion, in all its ‘absoluteness’. I was not prepared to pay the price of following a dream that made me happy, truly & unconditionally happy. I was led into believing that success will follow on its own and I would be another life coach sharing my success stories.

You , like me and Rachel from ‘Friends‘ are all meant to be a purse, not a shoe. Just like her, do not give up on a passion too soon. It takes little bit of time. Hang in there, post the god damn picture, make the video, eat the cake, just do it. Just see what you can get, or not get. But even if you get a slight hint of happiness, dont let go. It is as important and as difficult to find in this world as stability. 🙂

PS: I’m still an amateur writer, and I hope you can ignore the mistakes, if any. :). Dont forget to share your thoughts in the comments.

Lots of Love,


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