oats banana cake 5 ingredients

5 ingredients Banana Oats Choco Chip Cake

I have seen several posts on the internet where three heavenly ingredients are whipped up together to make delectable cookies. I used the same 3- ingredients Banana, Oats and Choco-chip to make a batch of cookies & a cake. In this post, I give out a detail of the quick and easy cake made with these simple and healthy ingredients.

I also suggest my own modification and baking tip that works for me every single time. I hope you try this and don’t forget to share your beauties on our Instagram handle and facebook handle @Karavanlife or use hashtag #thekaravanlife for us to follow.

Serving : 5


3-4 Bananas ( better if they are ripe)
1 cup Oats ( I use Saffola or Quicker Oats)
Chocolate Chips/ or Chocolate broken into tiny pieces.
1 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp Cocoa powder (Optional, but recommended)
2 tbsp oil ( Optional)
Sugar / Jaggery (Optional)
Raisins / Tooti Frooti / Nuts


1. Puree the Banana in Blender.
2. Add sugar/ jaggery to the blender, if you like your cake to be a little sweeter.
3. Take the Oats and Baking Soda in a bowl. To this add the pureed bananas. Top it off with nuts/ raisins and chocolate chips and give a light stir.
4. Take a baking dish, grease it with butter/ oil / ghee.
5. Transfer the batter into the dish and bake at 150 degrees for around 20 min (or more depending on your oven)
6. Let it cool. Flip and Enjoy. 🙂

My modification:

  1. In order to save the piling up of utensils. I first take the blender to puree the bananas, and then add the other ingredients. Finally , I give it light pulse and transfer unto the baking dish. This works out fine if you are lazy like me.
  2. I also add soaked dates or jaggery to my banana puree, for the extra sweetness and no guilt.

Tip: If you want a nice melted chocolate cake, take my advice and go for broken pieces of chocolate instead of choco chips. The store-bought choco-chips have a very high melting point and if you are someone who wants to get a gooey- chocolate centre that oozes out when you eat the cake hot, go for the choco chunks. I often use this Compound Chocolate for my basic cooking needs, but for a complete guilt free cake, prefer Dark Chocolate Cacao Compound.

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