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Places to visit near Jammu City: All you need to know about Devi Pindi Trek, Panthal

Jammu is a beautiful place, and yet much of its scenic treasures lay vastly unexplored. The pandemic has restricted our interstate travels and brought us closer to our roots, and with this, the youth in Jammu has already started exploring the city hills and landscapes.

Now that we are constantly on the lookout for intra-district offbeat destinations that are neither too crowded nor inaccessible, here is a detailed blog on ‘Devi Pindi, a small temple in the village town of Panthal, near Katra. Not only does the place have a  religious significance, but it is also blessed with crystal clear water and breathtaking mountain views for a heartwarming travel experience.

Water , hills and greenery. Perfect for a nature lover


The idea of visiting the trek first came from the vlog by Travel and Burp with Surya, followed by a few other videos on youtube. So one fine Saturday, three of us left Jammu at 8 o clock in the morning, to start the trek by 10 o clock. By noon we reached the temple and headed down by 2:00 o clock. It took us 1:30-2 hours to make the one way journey, all this while stopping for occasional photo sessions and sightseeing. Though the information presented by the vlogs and blogs is comprehensive in itself, I thought of adding answers to a few questions and sharing my own experience to fill in the information gaps that may arise for travelers like us.

A picturesque spot


How to reach Devi Pindi?

Devi Pindi  Devi Pindi is a religious journey to Devi Maa Temple located at Katra near Panthal town of Reasi district in Jammu and Kashmir State of India. It can be best reached by following Google Maps or taking the Road from Domail to reach Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University and Hospital. On reaching the university, ask anyone the way to Panthal and they will guide you through.

On reaching the village, a narrow road with houses, canal, and small farms on both sides will lead you to the parking spot of the temple. There is also a nursery nearby, where you can park your car for the 5 km trek through the hills.

Can I take my family and kids for this trek?

According to my experience, two ways lead to the temple. One path is relatively less difficult than the other. Due to the lack of information and people around to ask for the necessary details, we took the road less traveled. On the way, we did find a few devotees and a house or two, but there is no proper path or wiring on the track. The track has a narrow cemented canal that makes trekking easy. I will still not recommend for families with very small kids or elders with knee or respiratory problems. There is also a very small stretch that has no canal/or cemented path but a hill of loosely held stones that could be tricky for beginners.

Broken Track to Devi Pindi Temple, Panthal

Are there any basic facilities: Washrooms/ Eating points etc?

Unfortunately, no there are no public washrooms or other amenities around the trek, and maybe that is why the trek has still managed to keep its natural beauty and piousness alive. However, you can opt for using public washroom facilities before starting the trek, in Katra itself. Also carry your food, water, and other refreshments.  Tea is offered at the temple. You can also carry an extra pair of clothing if you wish to bath in the holy crystal care waters.

Entry to Devi Pindi Temple, Panthal in Katra Jammu)

Is the trek safe?

If the person is physically fit and careful, the trek is an absolute delight. It is safe and there are hardly any people around. However, if you can travel in a group, all the better. Make sure to head down by 3-4 pm to avoid crossing the track in the dark. Also avoid travelling during heavy rains. 

Crystal Clear water of Devi Pindi, Katra


I hope you enjoyed the blog , and consider visiting this place while maintaining its beauty. Do share your experiences, and any questions in comments below, will be happy to answer.   Also follow Karavanlife on Instagram and Facebook.

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