About us

The Karavan Life is a blog started by two researchers from Jammu, J&K to share their common passion for life with the world. It is further curated and crafted to perfection by a group of friends who make a kick ass team!

The purpose is to inform, educate and entertain on all life-enriching segments be it- Food, Travel, Fashion or Lifeskills.

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Meet the Team

Avantika Bakshi 

A Researcher with an obsession for every culinary wonder, She is the free spirited over thinker who believes in the magic of words and other life wonders.

Kartika Bakshi

A legal Researcher with diverse interests including -Beauty, Astrology and Binge watching. She is the most informed beauty enthusiast you will ever meet.



Nitan Sharma

A Legal Researcher and a Humanitarian, he combines his love for knowledge with his devotion for spirituality expertly. One of the few wonders who can make you introspect and respect life all at the same time.

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